Management consulting
A serious problem for many local managers is the absence of topical, complete and accurate information not only on the real financial condition, but on prospects of the enterprise’s development, future expenses and returns as well. In this situation it is impossible to efficiently manage finances, primarily the flow of funds, to make strategically proper managerial decisions.
The most efficient means of the solution of this problem is the implementation of managerial accounting at an enterprise.
Our services concerning management consulting provide a customer with a unique methodology which allows for organization of an efficient system of enterprise management.

Financial and economic analysis
The financial and economic analysis of an enterprise is necessary for taking considered and strategically approved decisions by its management. The results of financial and economic analysis will help to acquire necessary financial assets, involve investors or partners, design a program of further development of the enterprise and establish decision-making criteria. KOSMOS-AUDIT performs various types of financial and economic analysis: complex financial analysis of an enterprise, analysis of the structure of enterprise balance, estimation of such indicator groups as liquidity, solvency, creditability, asset and obligation turnover, cost effectiveness of property and capital, analysis of movement of funds, analysis of the efficiency of the use of the enterprise’s property, development of plans for financial recovery, return analysis, methods of accounting and classification of costs, financial methods for increase in profits, operational analysis of costs, estimation of investment attractiveness, estimation of risks, enterprise value, strategic analysis of costs, effectiveness balanced scorecard.

Tax consulting
Taxation is one of serious factors which affect the results of business activity of any organization. The implementation of an efficient system of tax planning allows for saving monetary assets and fosters the enterprise’s development. In the scope of tax consulting the company’s experts conduct a legal review of normative and other acts of tax administrations, provide consulting maintenance of the enterprise during audits and other forms of tax supervision, protect interests of tax payers in tax and judicial bodies, render services concerning tax planning, estimate and assist in the optimization of tax consequences due to the conduct of various business activities by the tax payer.
Legal services

  • Consulting concerning the issues of economic law
  • Expert investigation and framing of contracts, agreements and other instruments
  • Organization of work with accounts receivable
  • Execution of statements of claim and other judicial documents
  • Preparation of projects of constituent documents
  • Maintenance of the corporization process
  • Legal services within the scope of due diligence (complex financial and legal expertise of a business object).

Ecological audit and consulting
Ecological audit provides an objective assessment of the ecological state of an enterprise and finds out the existing deviations from requirements of the environmental legislation, regulatory documents and allows to develop measures on business and other activity adjustment to these requirements. Timely elimination of found breaches and prevention of potential breaches permit to optimize the enterprise’s environmental costs.


  • Assessment of value of property rights, obligations and works (services) concerning securities, equities, shares in authorized (joint-stock) capitals and enterprises as property complexes;
  • Assessment of value of property rights, obligations and works (services) concerning real estate;
  • Assessment of value of property rights, obligations and works (services) concerning the results of any intellectual activity.

Subscription consulting servicing
KOSMOS-AUDIT offers clients yearly subscription consulting services. Depending on demands of a customer in consulting services different types of subscriptions are offered. It is possible to use a complex approach to the solution of current issues, including those connected with the alteration of pattern of ownership, development of new types of activity, reorganization of an enterprise, application of norms of new legislation, alteration of accounting and/or tax registration, reporting, etc.