About us

The sphere of the company’s activity is not limited to Russia and CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine). In recent years there is a drastic growth in the volume of services we provide to customers from Western Europe –Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany. KOSMOS-AUDIT is a member of the International Association of Professional Advisers (IAPA) and is engaged in active cooperation with other international auditing associations. It should be noted that our services are provided not only for business firms, but also for renowned auditing and consulting companies of Western Europe and the United States of America, whose clients conduct their business in Russia.
Information of our experts concerning issues of audit, taxation and economic law is regularly published in specialized media, including international, and is also used in the leading inquiry and communications systems of Russia.

The fundamental principal of the company’s work is a system approach to servicing of each client, the mandatory account of its individuality, rendering a wide range of auditing and consulting services at high professional level to any customer.
Our aim is to become the best auditing and consulting company working with enterprises in high technology sector, primarily with military-industrial complex.
Our growth reflects the growth of our clients, the growth of Russia as a great scientific, military and industrial power.